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paintings and writing by Mike Andrelczyk


I was looking at the moon and the paints and trying to match the colors. Naples yellow was pretty good. It made me think about how we planned to travel to Italy and then never did and now we can’t go anywhere. Anyway, decided to paint the view from the office window - the moon, the tower, the warm window light, the dark blue and green night tree, the violent violet sky. I ended up zooming out and painting the entire office.


A black truck just sped by and it sounded just like an ocean wave. A minute later I heard a siren and saw the blue and red lights flashing outside.

Mike Andrelczyk lives with his wife Stacey in Pennsylvania. He’s the author of several collections of poetry including “!!!” coming out with Ghost City Press in May, 2023. Find more words / images on Instagram at mike_andrelczyk and on Twitter (maybe?) @MikeAndrelczyk.